Reflection of Journey


When I heard Erika talk about the work she did, how she partnered with you to follow the trail of energies behind your behavior patterns, perceptions, actions and relationships- to their very origin, bringing the energies forward to be resolved- I knew this was the work that I needed to do for myself. 

I also knew that Erika would require a commitment from me to do this work; that is why it took me two months to make an appointment. Once I did that, there was no turning back and I have never regretted my decision.

Throughout my life I have never felt like I really belonged, even in my marriage. I always felt like an outsider looking in: I now know why. When you stuff your emotions of pain, sorrow, loss, grief, anger, rage or love, so that you never feel that part of life- you are missing the fullness of livingness. I was hiding myself from others as well as myself. I was afraid to feel, feeling was too much. So I stuffed those emotions, not in my body, but in energetic universes I carried on my shoulders or dragged around. No wonder I visited chiropractors often with neck & back problems.

Journeying with Erika is a profound, challenging and rewarding experience. I had to step up and take responsibility for the energies I created, maintained and perpetuated. By making choices every moment, I was able, along with Erika, to bring these energies home to be resolved in my own private sacred place called the Pools of Grace. As more of these energetic universes resolved in the Pools of Grace, I was able to understand and learn from these emotions. It is amazing work; you get to work with others who have had similar but different journeys. It is a gift to show up with everything you have done, whatever it is, be accepted without judgement and take responsibility for your own stuff. In doing this work the group has realized that as we resolve & transform these energies, we are actually resolving and transforming these energies wherever they exist even in the collective consciousness.

I feel an inner strength and peace, a trust in the truth of who I am and am becoming. I feel everything which is wonderful and challenging. I know I can be in relationship/partnership and show up fully as me---NO MORE HIDING.  I feel alive and in much gratitude for this work.



I chose a spiritual path at the age of 6 and it has been a wide and varied one. Two years ago, while playing at a coffee house in Lyons, CO, a stranger I now know as Kikha showed up in my life and the first thing she asked was, ”Do you remember me?” Interestingly, I did.

At that time, I thought I had all the answers or at least a lot of them and yet I also knew, with certainty, that the opportunities that opened up for me through this meeting were what I had been waiting for all my life. I made the commitment to show up, no matter what it took or how uncomfortable it got, to find my Truth of Being and Self. I will never regret that decision, for I’ve realized I had very few answers, if any.

Indeed, The Truth does set us free and I have nothing but gratitude for Kikha’s guidance in Love and for my family here at the Realized Life Foundation.



In a world where clarity of activity, and steady building on it, equates success, stability, and reliability—my path of constant searching and trying out new things, starting seemingly endless business projects, or changing majors in college again and again because almost all the classes seemed interesting and nothing seemed to be enough by itself—did not “look good”. Needing to look a certain way was influential, it affected how I looked at myself, and thus inspired ongoing search for discovering an end place where I could finally prove that I was worth something in “the real world”- until the day I saw that in all those explorations, there was consistency: I was mastering experience, and with this mastery, uncovering the constants of consciousness, its building blocks, its infrastructure.

Truth is constantly growing by the inclusion that Love gives it in acceptance of what is. Love brings meaning to journey, and Truth, the possibility of collecting and relating the whole into greater understanding. Today I can see that all my experiences, with all their exploration—have been supported, informed, & guided by an ever present Partnership with LoveTruth.

When these journeys grew to the place where I could share my understanding in a learning environment with others, the principles of Truth growing, Love giving meaning, both growing into greater understanding—multiplied. Each of those I’ve had the gift to journey with, has brought so much to grow further with. Together, we have uncovered, dismantled, redesigned, & co-created whole new infrastructures of consciousness, and through this co-created, ever emerging possibilities for our Truth of Being & Self, with all the related expansion in possible creativity and contribution—a constant expanding fulfillment.

In deep gratitude for the Sacred Partnership of experience with physical & not here physical Truth of Being & Self, and for each of those who have journeyed with me into the frontiers of Consciousness-

Much Love in Truth, Truth in Love,




There has always been two sides to my journey in this life; one in which I cared only for myself and how I could use other people as stepping stones to get what I wanted, the other a deeply introspective journey yearning to break free from the darkness of my humanity, to heal the broken pieces. I was very self-conscious, thinking myself stupid and worthless, while also experiencing moments of knowing my greatness, feeling wise and valuable. I used drugs, alcohol, and men to attempt to bridge my understanding of myself - or to escape the huge disappointment I felt with myself. I would come so close to having an answer to all the discord and inconsistencies I saw and experienced but was always pulled back to my places of brokenness and separation. I journeyed through various religions and schools of thought searching for Truth. Each offered bits and pieces but never full Truth. Personal conversations with “God” and my “Higher Self” gave me hope that if I kept on searching and working hard, resolve would come. There were no examples of this around me yet Faith was still there. 

I left a broken, abusive marriage in Faith that Life and Love could look and feel very different; then came the hard part - leaving the broken and abusive relationship with myself. I followed my Heart and connected into the Realized Life Foundation community and Truth flowed in. I met the deep dark spaces where discord and deceit lived. I met the vampire that emptied Life and the werewolf that shredded Love; I found myself in each of those places and more. With Kikha’s guidance and as a community we found ways to resolve these places, to fill our emptied Heart, to bring wisdom to our Mind, and to mend our broken Love and Truth. 

My Life is born again and joy encompasses more places than has ever been. Wholeness is the new reality. I feel this in my body and it is reflected on the outside with the growth of my business and deepened relationship with my family and community. I am eternally grateful.